The Very Best Snacks at EPCOT Part 2

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Hey howdy hey! I hope you brought your appetite to read this blog post! Today I’m sharing the very best snacks at EPCOT; particularly, the best snack in each land! This is part of my blog series, The Very Best Snacks at Walt Disney World!

I’m a hugeeee Disney foodie. In fact, I think eating might be my favorite activity in Disney World! So, if you’re looking for some fantastic snacks for your next Walt Disney World vacation, you’ve come to the right place!

I started writing this post and realized I have a LOT of favorite snacks at EPCOT. In fact, the blog post was getting extremely lengthy. So, to spare your eyes, I’ve split this post into two parts! Last week we chatted about the best snacks in “Future World” or the front of the park. Be sure to check it out here if you haven’t already! Today we’re focusing on “World Showcase” or the back of the park.


Before we get started with the best snacks at EPCOT’s World Showcase, I wanted to touch on the EPCOT festivals! I truly believe EPCOT’s festivals make this park so special. EPCOT hosts limited-time festivals throughout the year. You can catch the Food and Wine Festival in the late summer-fall, the Festival of the Holidays in December, the Festival of the Arts in late winter, and the Flower and Garden festival in spring and early summer.

EPCOT also features seasonal, limited time food and beverage options during these festivals. These are typically bite-sized appetizers themed for the festival and country it’s located in. Because these are seasonal, limited-time offerings, we won’t be touching on festival snacks for this blog post. Rather, we’ll be focusing on snacks that are permanently available, no matter when you visit! Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get to it!

photo of Flower and Garden Festival flowers
Flower & Garden Festival


World Showcase hosts 11 countries so you can literally travel around the world in a day! We’re starting at the Mexico pavilion, which is well known for its dining! For Mexico, we’re visiting La Cantina de San Angel and grabbing the cheese empanadas!

Kids Empanadas con Queso

You really cannot go wrong with any of the items at La Cantina; I’ve tried many of the items here and they’re all delicious! However, when it comes to snacks, my husband and I love to split a kid’s serving of Empanadas con Queso for the perfect snack size.

You get two cheese empanadas, AND corn chips, AND fruit, AND a drink! Can it get any better than that, Val? Why yes, thanks for asking! Because unlike the adult portion, the kid’s portion COMES WITH QUESO! Queso for my queso! Ahhh, I’m in heaven! It’s hard to pick a favorite of the snacks at EPCOT, but this is definitely near the top!


Norway is home to the famous Frozen Ever After attraction, so it’s hard to skip over making a stop here! The only snack location in Norway is the Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe which is a bakery serving sweet treats. Because I’m not a fan of sickly-sweet treats, for best Norway snack, I’m going with the School Bread!

School Bread

Of all the snacks at EPCOT, the School Bread is one of the most controversial! People either love it or hate it. It’s a sweet roll filled with custard and covered in coconut, so this isn’t for you if you aren’t a coconut fan. It’s one of the more affordable snacks for the price and it isn’t overpoweringly sweet which is why I love it!

I will say, it can be hit or miss in that I’ve had school bread a little on the dry side here or there, but for the most part this is a fantastic shareable sweet snack for your family! And it’s likely something you won’t be able to find elsewhere. Try it out for your next Disney World vacation and let me know how you like it!

photo of School Bread from EPCOT Norway Pavillion
Photo Credit: Disney


Our next stop for this food tour around the world for best snacks at EPCOT is China! When it comes to my favorite EPCOT snack in China, it’s the pork eggrolls from Joy of Tea!

Pork Eggrolls

If you are a savory snack person like me, you’ll love these pork eggrolls! While not unlike what you might find in your hometown Chinese restaurants, pork eggrolls are such a classic and delicious choice! You can get two pork eggrolls for a very reasonable price, and the size is perfect for a snack. The outside is crispy crunchy with the perfect blend of pork and veggies in every bite! It’s a classic, reliable, can’t-go-wrong-snack!


Because Germany does not have a show or attraction, it’s loaded with incredible dining options. Plus, there are so many iconic EPCOT snacks here as well! Now, I’m about to confuse you because I’m sure you think I’m going to pick the pretzel from Germany. And while the pretzel is pretty great, it doesn’t come with any cheese, which is a requirement for me! So, Disney, if you’re reading this, give the people what they want: more cheese!

While there are so many incredible treats in Germany, I’ve gotta go to Sommerfest for the best EPCOT snack at Germany, the Pretzel Bread Pudding!

Pretzel Bread Pudding

If you are a bread pudding fan like me, you must try this on your Disney World vacation! Here, Disney takes the iconic jumbo pretzels you know and love (sans cheese of course) and turns it into a bread pudding with both caramel and vanilla sauce. It’s slightly sweet, slightly salty from the pretzel, and just a gloriously scrumptious snack! Don’t believe me, try out this EPCOT snack for yourself!

photo of pretzel bread pudding from EPCOT Sommerfest
Photo Credit: WDWNT


Ciao from Italy! On our next stop of the very best snacks at EPCOT food tour, we’re stopping in Italy! For best EPCOT snack at Italy, we’re headed to Pizza al Taglio for a pizza slice.

Pizza Slice

While this pizza window is open most of the year, occasionally I’ve noticed it stays closed outside of peak times. If it’s open during your Disney World vacation, you must give it a try!

While the pizza flavors change, I’ve never had a slice I didn’t like. The crust is so fluffy and delicious, and they don’t skimp on the toppings either! Just keep in mind the line can get long during traditional mealtimes, so leave a few minutes to wait. But trust me, it’ll be worth the wait!

United States of America

Listen, before we even begin with America, let’s address the elephant in the room. When you have 10 other amazing countries and all the food and beverage offerings from them, why would you eat in America? And I’m not going to lie to you, that’s a fair point! However, if you skip America, you’ll skip some of the best quick service barbeque on Disney property, some amazing snacks, and the one, the only, American Adventure show! If I were to pick the very best snack in the America pavilion, it’s going to be the classic turkey leg from the Fife and Drum Tavern!

Turkey Leg

I’ve included a photo below because you absolutely must see it to understand why the turkey leg is so popular at Disney World. It’s one of the most iconic snacks at EPCOT, and for good reason! In fact, did you know Disney sells approximately 2 million pounds of turkey legs per year?!

The turkey leg is gigantic, so this most definitely an EPCOT snack you’ll want to share. It’s salty, smoky, and truly delicious! My husband and I love to grab a turkey leg to share and then check out one of the festival concerts or sit on a bench by the World Showcase Lagoon and people-watch. It’s a slower-paced Disney date and we love it!

Photo of person holding turkey leg from Fife and Drum Tavern EPCOT
Photo Credit: Urban Tastebud Disney


We’re down to the last 5 countries for this food tour around the world for the best snacks at EPCOT! While many people skip over Japan as it doesn’t have an attraction or show, Japan is known amongst those who do stop for its gigantic merchandise location, Mitsukoshi. I could spend hours exploring Mitsukoshi! You’ll find iconic Hello Kitty merchandise, a variety of traditionally sold snacks from Japan, kimonos and more here. So, for this EPCOT snack, I’m going with the snacks from Mitsukoshi!

Snacks from Mitsukoshi

Seriously, you can find so many sweet treats, salty snacks, and everything in between here! I could try something different every time I visit, and I still think it would take years to try it all! And, because these items are prepackaged, it’s an easy souvenir snack to bring home with you or just save for later in your park day.


Moving along, we’ve made it to Morocco! I find Morocco to be one of the most relaxing EPCOT spots. I love exploring this country, taking in all the intricate mosaics and details that make this country so special. While we explore, my husband and I love to snack on the pistachio baklava from Oasis Sips and Sweets.

Pistachio Baklava

My husband absolutely loves pistachio so when we recently saw this item, we had to try it! I’m so glad we did! It’s layers of phyllo pastries with pistachios and honey syrup. I loved that it wasn’t absolutely drenched in honey, but more of a nice, sweet added touch. Additionally, the pistachio addition to the baklava supplies such a nice balance of salt to the sweet pastry! Don’t forget to give this a try for your next Disney World vacation.

photo of bakery display case at EPCOT Morocco


If I were to touch on all there is to do and taste in France, we’d be here all day! There are so many scrumptious options, so it’s truly difficult to pick the best EPCOT snack in France! However, if I must pick, I find myself picking up a Macaron Lime Raspberry from Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie the most!

Macaron Lime Raspberry

If you like a tart dessert, this is the one for you! I personally love tart, sour, refreshing desserts and this hits all those marks for me! In fact, I think it’s the most refreshing of all the snacks at EPCOT! It’s a raspberry macaron filled with lime cream and whole, fresh raspberries. While I’m happy to split this snack, I secretly love it when I get to have it all to myself because it’s just that good. The first time I tried it, I was concerned the lime cream would be bland, but no! It’s the tart, sour lime cream I was hoping for! You’ll definitely want to give this a try during your Disney World vacation.

United Kingdom

I’m cutting right to the chase here. There is one snack and one snack alone that reigns supreme in the UK pavilion. And it’s the fantastic, the iconic fish and chips from Yorkshire County Fish Shop.

Fish and Chips

To be honest, I don’t particularly love fish, and yet somehow, I love these fish and chips! My mom is a huge fish and chips fan, and she says this is her favorite place to enjoy them. In fact, I have fond memories splitting fish and chips with her here during vacation! It’s got the delightful beer batter, it’s fried to perfection with just enough grease to make it delicious, and perfectly salted chips (aka French fries for us Americans). A classic treat that you can’t miss!

photo of fish and chips EPCOT
Photo Credit: Disney Food Blog


We’ve made it to our very last stop on our food tour around the world for the best snacks at EPCOT! We’re in Canada! There’s only one snack stop here, but I don’t even mind because it’s so delicious! It’s the maple popcorn.

Maple Popcorn

It’s sweet, it’s salty, it’s the maple popcorn from Canada! I love this EPCOT snack because it puts such a flavorful spin on popcorn. The maple flavor pairs with the popcorn so well, it’s addicting! But, I must admit I’m a bit biased towards this snack.

During a recent Disney date, we stopped in Canada to watch the fireworks around the lagoon, and the sweetest Cast Member approached us. He said we looked like we were having so much fun, and he just wanted to give us a free maple popcorn to enjoy while we watched the fireworks. Just the sweetest magic moment! So, because I’m biased, you’ll have to try this out and let me know if it lives up to the hype I just gave it!


Thanks for joining me on my food tour of The Very Best Snacks at EPCOT! If it isn’t apparent by now, EPCOT snacks are some of the most unique, creative, and scrumptious theme park offerings you’ll ever try, and absolutely worth a taste during your Disney World vacation.

If this was helpful for you, don’t forget to download my freebie, 10 Ways to Beat the Heat at Disney World This Summer! Stay magical, and I’ll see ya real soon for another blog post!

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