Answers to Your Top 7 Disney Medical Questions

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Hey howdy hey! It’s blog post day! Today I’m Answering Your Top 7 Disney Medical Questions. As someone with 3 autoimmune conditions who visits Disney weekly, there are unique ways I must prepare for a Disney day. If you aren’t familiar with Disney World or if it’s your first time, it can be overwhelming to anticipate medical necessities during your Disney World vacation. Well, my friend, time to start de-stressing because I’m solving your top 7 Disney medical questions today! Let’s get into it!

Where Are the Nearest Hospitals?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t travel very often. I’m very lucky to live 10 minutes away from a major tourist destination, but I get nervous traveling outside my local area. How can I take care of myself in an unfamiliar place?

One of the most common Disney medical questions is, “what if I need medical attention during my trip, where should I go?” If you’re asking yourself a similar question for your Disney World vacation, I’ve got your back! Let’s prepare for all the scenarios so you aren’t left in a pinch!

If you need medical attention during your trip, speak with any Cast Member at the parks or resorts. Simply explain you aren’t feeling well and need medical attention. The Cast Member can call a team of first responders to come to you and assist. If they determine you need a visit with a doctor, they can even transport you to a local hospital!

Now, if it’s not an emergency and you would rather visit a hospital yourself, there are a couple of nearby locations you can visit:

Advent Health Celebration Hospital

I have visited Celebration Hospital multiple times and have always received great service! It is a popular hospital, so be prepared for a wait if your situation is not an emergency. Nonetheless, you can expect a thorough review of symptoms and testing by a caring team of doctors here.

Another perk to this location is it is an actual hospital. Meaning, you won’t need to transport to another hospital if the worst-case scenario happens and you are admitted. Lastly, there is a hotel right across the street if your loved ones need somewhere nearby to stay.

Advent Health ER at Flamingo Crossings

This is a brand-new emergency room, and it’s very comfortable and nice! It’s located just off Disney property and tends to have lower wait times because it’s only an ER. Additionally, there are a handful of hotels and restaurants nearby for your loved ones too. Check this location out if you’re looking somewhere close-by for a checkup.

photo of the AdventHealth ER Flamingo Crossings Lobby
Photo Credit: Chip & Co.

What If I Need a Resort Room Close to The Lobby or An Accessible Room?

This is such a common and reasonable Disney medical question, but it can be difficult to find the answer!

First, you can pay for a Preferred Room Type if you need a resort room close to the lobby. The preferred rooms are much closer to the lobby than the other room types, so this is a great way to guarantee you are close by! I would also call Disney (407-939-1936) to request you are as close to the lobby as possible for medical reasons. They will notate your request on your resort reservation, but keep in mind it is a request, not a guarantee.

If you need a resort room that is wheelchair friendly or provides railings in the bathroom, you can book an Accessible Room Type! You will want to search for “Accessible Rooms” when you look for availability. Once you select the resort you want to book, you will see all the available room types during your travel dates. Some promotions are only for certain room types, so you might need to remove promotions to find accessible rooms. However, you should find an Accessible Room type if it is available at the chosen resort.

Should you find any difficulties or have any specific questions regarding Accessible Rooms, I recommend you call Disney (407-939-1936) for additional assistance!

Can I Bring My Prescription Medications and Injections to The Parks?

Disney takes security in the parks very seriously, so it’s no wonder so many Disney Guests can be overwhelmed if they need to bring prescriptions. There’s no need to fret about this Disney medical question, though; let’s go over this together to ease your worries!

First, it’s important to understand Disney’s security process if you’re bringing items into the parks! Upon arrival at the theme park, you will be asked to walk through a medical detector. This is very different from the airport process, as you will bring everything with you as you walk through the detectors. If any items in your bag are “flagged” on the detector, you will be sent to a security Cast Member to have your bag checked.

To be honest, prescription medications and injections often get “flagged,” but don’t worry! The security Cast Members are incredible at their job and are also very friendly! They will check your bag and might ask about your prescriptions. Remember, security cannot prevent you from bringing prescription medications or injections with you. To be on the safe side, I would ensure your injections and medications have the prescription label on them. You are then free to enter the Theme Park!

So, to answer this Disney medical question, yes! You can bring your prescription medications and injections to the parks! Simply allow a few extra minutes to spend in security.

photo of the First Aid sign at Magic Kingdom
Photo Credit: Do You Remember…

How Do I Keep My Medications or Injections Cool?

It’s no secret the weather in Central Florida is HOT, which can be challenging for many medications that require refrigeration! So how are you supposed to keep your medications or injections cool during your Disney World vacation theme park days? This is such a fair medical question, and there are a few options for you depending on your specific needs!

First, I would invest in an insulin carrying case if you always need your medication with you. I’ve linked my favorite option here; it is very lightweight to carry, and I love that it comes in multiple colors/patterns with tons of storage space. Plus, it’s TSA approved!

Alternatively, visit First Aid if you only need access to medications at certain times of the day. First Aid is an incredible resource for those of us with Disney medical necessities! Each theme park has a First Aid location, and you can find it on a park map. I’ve visited First Aid more times than I can count for Band-Aids, ice packs, or a place to cool off and take my medicine. It’s amazing!

For refrigerated medications and injections specifically, First Aid can label your medication and store it in their refrigerator for you! Then you can stop by to pick up the medication whenever it’s needed. I also love First Aid for its quiet, semi-private areas where you can administer shots for yourself or take your medication. Let’s be honest, the Disney bathrooms are crowded, so this is a great alternative if you don’t want an audience while you take your medicine. Seriously, if you get anything out of this post, First Aid and all its incredible resources is the best tip to walk away with!

Photo of First Aid at Disney's Hollywood Studios
Photo Credit: All Ears

What If I Forget Medication or Need an Inhaler?

Great question! Before I answer, though, be sure to read the answer to the previous Disney medical question, as it relates to this answer!

First Aid provides many over-the-counter medications that you might need. Additionally, I’ve been told the RN on staff at First Aid can provide nebulizer treatments if you find yourself without your inhaler. While there are no promises of what treatment you will receive, it’s worth a visit to ask!

How to I Receive an ECV or Wheelchair?

I recently traveled with someone needing a wheelchair, so I learned this myself! There are a few options for ECV or wheelchair needs:

Purchase an ECV (electric chair) from Disney directly at the entrance to each theme park.

  • Currently, the cost is $50 with an additional $20 deposit (you’ll get this back when you return the ECV). Pricing may vary.
  • You must be 18 years old to operate Disney’s ECVs.
  • ECVs can sell out quickly during busy seasons, and you cannot purchase an ECV for the entirety of your stay.
  • If you park hop, you don’t have to bring the ECV with you. This is such a convenient perk! Instead, simply drop the ECV off at the first park and hop to the second park. Then, visit stroller/wheelchair rentals when you arrive and show them the receipt of purchase to receive a new ECV. However, keep in mind this is subject to availability. If the second park is out of ECVs, you will be offered a wheelchair instead.

Rent a wheelchair from Disney.

  • This is a more affordable option compared to the ECV, but you will need to have a loved one push you.
  • Unlike ECVs, you can purchase a wheelchair for the entirety of your stay. This is a fantastic option; you simply purchase the wheelchair for all four days on your first day. Then, show your receipt each day to pick up a wheelchair.
  • While this is the best option for many parties, it might not be the most inclusive option, as a loved one is behind the chair pushing the seated one. This means it will be a little trickier to converse while moving from one location to another. Further, the wheelchairs are lower to the ground compared to the ECV. Conversely, with the ECV, the seated loved one can steer themselves. This makes it easier to converse side-by-side and make the sitter feel more included in the group.
  • Lastly, one advantage to the wheelchair is it is easier to navigate and avoid running into other parties.

Rent from a third-party company if you don’t want to risk availability with Disney

  • My favorite third-party company is Kingdom Strollers as they have many different options for rent. They can even drop off ECVs and wheelchairs at your resort and pick them up on check out day!
  • ECVs come with a charger so you can charge it overnight in your room to last all day in the parks.
  • When I was a Disney Travel Agent, I used this service with my clients often! I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kingdom Strollers (as did my clients).

Lastly, all standby queues are wheelchair/ECV friendly, so you won’t need to do anything special in terms of the queue. You can either park your vehicle outside the attraction and walk through the queue or bring the vehicle with you through the queue. If you are unable to transfer out of your vehicle, be sure to ask about transfers, as some attractions require it. If you can transfer, the Cast Member will take the vehicle as you board the attraction and will have your vehicle waiting for you at the exit.

What Is Disney DAS?

This is probably the most popular Disney medical question! Disney DAS stands for Disney Disability Access Service, and it’s a program Disney offers for those guests needing special services. DAS allows guests with challenges waiting in traditional queues the opportunity to receive return times for attractions, rather than waiting in the queue.

For example, if someone with DAS wants to ride Haunted Mansion with a 45-minute wait at 9:00 AM, instead of standing for 45 minutes, he or she will make a reservation through the My Disney Experience app. Then, they can wait the 45 minutes in a more accommodating location and enter the Lightning Lane at 9:45 AM to enjoy the attraction. You can “hold” reservations for one attraction at a time, so once you redeem your Haunted Mansion DAS, you can then reserve your next ride.

You will need to visit Guest Relations to apply for the disability pass. Keep in mind all standby queues are wheelchair friendly, so this pass is not designed for physical limitations. Lastly, know the Guest Relations Cast Members decide if you qualify for DAS, so there are no guarantees.

Photo of Haunted Mansion
Haunted Mansion


Thanks for joining me on this blog post, Answers to Your Top 7 Disney Medical Questions. I truly hope this was able to answer your questions and provide some relief as you plan your Disney World vacation!

If this was helpful for you, don’t forget to download my freebie, 10 Ways to Beat the Heat at Disney World! Stay magical, and I’ll see ya real soon for another blog post!

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