8 Fun Facts about Disney’s Encanto

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Hello, dreamer! Hope you’re having a great day! Today I’m sharing 8 Fun Facts about Disney’s Encanto! I think it’s safe to say you have at least heard of Disney’s Encanto musical, and if you haven’t, it is high time you did! In addition to the catchy tunes, incredibly relevant themes, and important family values, there’s so much more to learn about this movie and the Madrigal family that took the world by heart. Let’s get into it!

The Music was Written by Lin-Manuel Miranda

If you haven’t heard of the talented Lin-Manuel Miranda, I’m about to give you some great reasons to love him! Lin-Manuel Miranda is known for Moana, along with Broadway hits Hamilton and In the Heights! He is Puerto Rican himself, so Latino culture is close to his heart. Furthermore, while he’s written plenty of songs with a mix of Spanish and English languages, “Dos Oruguitas” was the first song he ever wrote with only Spanish lyrics.

I personally love Lin-Manuel Miranda for his technicality (music theory lovers, where you at?!), and for the mix of many different music styles in unique settings (I mean, who thinks to blend American History and rapping?!) And if you love the music from Disney’s Encanto, you should check out In the Heights. This musical also celebrates Latino culture with Lin-Manuel Miranda’s signature musical touch. You can watch the movie adaptation of the musical on HBO Max.

Photo of Lin-Manuel Miranda
Photo Credit: @EncantoMovie

We Don’t Talk About Bruno

I’m sure you’ve heard this song from Disney’s Encanto a handful of times yourself, but there’s an amazing fun fact here that I don’t want you to miss! It involves a bit of music theory, so hang with me for a moment; I promise it’ll be worth it! Think back to the bridge of the song, where all the characters are dancing around the table, getting everything set up for dinner. Each character is singing their verse from earlier in the song, and all the characters are doing so at the same time simultaneously. As they sing over top of each other, they cause a beautiful blend of melodies and harmonies all at once.

Did you know the music theory term to describe this (multiple lines of independent melody at once) is called a modern madrigal, and madrigal also just happens to be the family’s last name in the movie? Mic drop!

Photo of Dolores and Mirabel dancing in We Don't Talk About Bruno
Photo Credit: @EncantoMovie

The Madrigal Family’s Outfits and Mirabel’s Skirt

The Madrigal Family’s outfits tell a story! You can find hints to each character’s magical abilities in their outfits! For instance, you’ll find barbells on Luisa’s skirt, animals on Antonio’s vest, sunshine earrings on Pepe, flowers on Isabella’s skirt, sound waves on Delores’ outfit, and so on.

Furthermore, Mirabel’s skirt is extra special, as it reflects the rest of her family members and their gifts. For instance, her skirt has flowers reflecting Isabella, an animal for Antonio, a basket of bread for Julieta, a candle in honor of Abuela, and so on.

Pandemic Production

Unfortunately, Disney’s Encanto was not expected to take off in popularity at all because it was created in the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, hence why it had such a short run in the theaters before hitting homes on Disney+.

Because of the pandemic, all the voice actors recorded their parts from separate studios, rather than all together in one studio. This added such a challenge for these voice actors, but one they handled with such talent! Then, some amazing producers and directors got incredibly creative to make it all come together and sound in sync, so you would never know it was recorded separately.

In fact, this cast’s first time singing together was at the Hollywood Bowl, over a year later. It blows my mind at all the extra efforts, editing and imagination that was needed to create such an incredible musical, all from different places with unique sound qualities!

Photo advertising Encanto at the Hollywood Bowl
Photo Credit: @EncantoMovie

Inspiration for the Song, “The Family Madrigal”

The inspiration for the opening song, “The Family Madrigal” is “Belle”, also the opener of “Beauty in the Beast.” Thus, you can find many similar themes in both songs, such as both songs being sung by the townspeople about the main character (The Madrigal Family and Belle, respectively). In writing this post, I listened to both songs back-to-back and it’s pretty interesting to hear all the similarities!

Easter Eggs in Disney’s Encanto

As Disney does best, they have placed so many Easter Eggs that can be found in this musical! The first, most noticeable easter egg would be the hidden Mickeys you can find during the movie. The first is found at the beginning of the song, “What Else Can I Do.” Isabella pricks her finger on a cactus, which takes the shape of a hidden Mickey! The second is much more subtle, but is found during the song, “Waiting on a Miracle.” As the song closes, there’s a short sequence of fireworks, and three fireworks come together to form a hidden Mickey on the right side of the screen!

My other favorite easter egg is a reference to WALL.E! When Mirabel visits Bruno’s den, you can find the brown boot with a single green sprout on the back bookshelf, which is also found in WALL.E.

Finally, one of the more obvious Easter Eggs can be heard during the song “All Of You” when Bruno mentions “let it go” from Frozen.

Photo of Isabel pricking her finger on a cactus that is shaped like a Hidden Mickey
Photo Credit: Encanto Movie

It’s Disney’s Second Animated Movie with a Song that’s not in English

The only other Disney film with a non-English title is “Saludos Amigos” which was released in 1942! Further, “Encanto” translates to “charm”, referring to the Madrigal Family’s magical abilities.

Photo of Disney Advertisement for Saludos Amigos

Mirabel’s Glasses

I was shocked to learn that Mirabel is the first main Disney animated female character to wear glasses, considering glasses are so commonplace in real life! Then, I was even more amazed to learn the reason she wears glasses is because of the root to her name, Mira, which means look in Spanish. How cool is that?!

Close Up Photo of Mirabel with her glasses on
Photo Credit: @EncantoMovie


This wraps up 8 Fun Facts about Disney’s Encanto. If I haven’t convinced you yet that Disney’s Encanto is a genius musical with incredible attention to detail, then we need to chat! What was your favorite fact? Let me know in the comments below! Well, now I think I’m in the mood to watch a catchy musical that celebrates Latino culture and family values while I meal plan. Stay magical, and I’ll see ya real soon for another blog post!

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  1. I still haven’t watched Encanto but it’s my nieces favorite film! I’ll watch it with her next time and will tell her to look out for the hidden Mickeys ☺️

  2. Literally just finished watching it for the umpteenth time this week and this is all so interesting to me. Love it.

  3. Awe, this was a cute movie so it’s definitely cool to learn a bit more about the hidden gems and meanings it contains. I will be honest and say I didn’t pick out the Easter eggs. Thanks for sharing!

  4. My husband and I love watching musicals and this sounds like a great one. Will put this on my list. And I love finding hidden Mickeys—such a fun thing like solving puzzles.

  5. You just made me love the movie even more! 🙂 My son was obsessed with it for a while there and I always had the songs stuck in my head. Now I need to watch it again! Great post!

    1. Right?! My love for the movie increased too once I realized these things! The music is so amazing, but definitely sticks in your head! Haha

  6. I really need to see Encanto! It seems so cute and the music is great. I always feel a little silly seeing kids movies without kids, but a lot of them are so good 🙂

  7. This is so fun. I love when a film has Easter eggs hidden. I’ve wanted to watch Encanto for awhile – I’m bumping it up the watch list and keeping an eye out for fun Mickey Easter eggs!

  8. I haven’t watched Encanto yet but you have convinced me to give it a try. Disney movies always have their own charm and magic. Thank you for the wonderful post!

    1. I agree completely! There’s something so special about Disney movies and this definitely has that charm! I hope you love it!

  9. I have not watched Encanto yet – but I will definitely after reading this post! Disney has a way of making characters come to life! THANK YOU!

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