25 Christmas Dates

25 Christmas Date Ideas to Try This Holiday Season

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25 Christmas Dates

It is officially December which is my favorite time of year! When I think of the holidays, I think of festive romance, snuggles by the Christmas tree, and merry time spent with my favorite person. I’m pretty convinced this is why holiday dates are my favorite kind of dates! If you haven’t tried out a festively themed date for the holidays, this is your year! Trust me, you’ll thank me later. Today I’m so excited to be sharing a list of my 25 favorite Christmas Date Ideas. Let’s get to it!

1. Fill your Advent calendar

Make a trip to the grocery store to grab your favorite holiday chocolates (my personal favorites are Hershey’s Candy Cane Kisses). Try not to eat all the candy as you fill your favorite advent calendar! Take it a step further by having a daily date by the advent calendar, chatting about your day and indulging in your advent chocolate!

2. Put on your favorite Christmas playlist and decorate your place

This is my personal favorite playlist if you’re searching for a festive one!

couple decorating Christmas tree

3. Visit a Christmas Tree Farm

This is such a fun holiday date to get into the Christmas spirit! You could also get dressed up and take your Christmas card picture while you’re at it!

4. Go to a live Christmas show

Research what is coming to your local area, most places have a few each holiday season. Ideas include seeing The Nutcracker, attending your local high school band Christmas concert, or visiting your local theater for Christmas plays and Broadway-style shows.

5. Make Christmas cookies

Check out my Pinterest board for some delicious recipe ideas to get you started with this holiday date!

couple cutting out Christmas Cookies using a cookie cutter

6. Treat yourselves to a spa day

Pamper yourself before the stress, and hustle of the Christmas season by getting a couples massage or facial – Groupon has some great deals this time of year! Or, make it a spa night at home with face masks, massages, and a relaxing bath! Talk about a romantic Christmas date!

7. Visit a local festival or event

Google search “Christmas events near me” (you will want to make sure your location services are on) and see if you can find an interesting event to attend! So many of them are free or only a small fee to attend, which makes this a wonderful Christmas date idea to try!

Couple posing in front of Christmas Tree

8. Make homemade Christmas ornaments

There are so many tutorials on Pinterest you can try! Here is such an easy, cute felt ornament tutorial.

9. Rent a cabin for a romantic weekend

Airbnb has a ton of great options. It’s also on my bucket list to stay at Live Oak Lake for a weekend of uninterrupted time with my husband!

10. Go to the mall to Christmas shop and look at the decorations

This is one of my favorite Christmas date ideas, but the point here is to go in with an intention of spending time with your spouse. Pack your patience! You would find yourself easily stressed if you expected to run in and out of the mall for a quick item or two. Grab a snack and stroll through the stores with no time limit!

couple shopping at Christmas time

11. Make homemade eggnog

Who doesn’t love a glass of cozy, spiced eggnog?! You can make it alcoholic or non-alcoholic too. This eggnog recipe breaks the process down very simply so you can’t go wrong!

12. Have a Christmas movie marathon

What will it be? Classics like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and White Christmas? Or modern movies like Four Christmases and Noelle? Hallmark Christmas movies more your thing? The options are endless!

couple in bed watching movies and eating popcorn

13. Coffee shop date

Local coffee shops have such incredible holiday lattes; treat yourselves to one on a cozy coffee shop date. This is one of my favorite simple, romantic Christmas dates!

couple drinking coffee in a coffee shop

14. Fondue date night

Cheese, cheese, cheese, and more cheese, yum!! Oh, and chocolate too; who doesn’t love this one?! Here are some fun fondue recipes to try out.

15. Shop for Christmas PJs

Don’t forget to grab some matching Christmas pajamas for your furry friends too!

couple eating donuts and drinking coffee in santa hats and matching pajamas

16. Make a Gingerbread house

You could try making a gingerbread house together, or make it a competition for best décor, theme, and taste!

17. Go ice-skating

What’s a better way to snuggle with your spouse than clutching onto their arm for dear life so you don’t faceplant into the freezing cold ice?! This might be a bit trickier if you’re located in Central Florida like me, but one of my favorite spots is at Gaylord Palms in Orlando, FL! Be sure to check out ICE! while you’re there to see the spectacularly themed ice sculptures.

couple ice-skating

18. Go to a hockey game

Check when your local team plays and plan a date night at the hockey rink! These games are always entertaining, even if you don’t understand how the game works.

19. Get dressed up for a romantic Christmas date at a fancy restaurant

So, we went to the hockey game for him, now it’s time to do something for us! Get in your spiffiest attire and make a reservation at a nice restaurant; you both deserve this quality time together!

20. Write each other love letters to open together on Christmas Eve night

I know you must be so busy that the idea of having to add a love letter to the list seems daunting, but trust me, it’s worth it! Your spouse is your favorite person to spend the season with; remind him of this with a nice love letter. It only takes ten minutes, and it doesn’t have to be poetic or perfect by any means! My favorite love letters are often organized, messy, and from the heart. You got this!

person writing a letter

21. Christmas picnic

Make a nice holiday meal together and create a fort in the living room for a Christmas picnic to enjoy by candlelight! You can get super creative with this Christmas date idea!

22. Make hot cocoa and drive around looking for Christmas lights

Grab a thermos of your favorite peppermint hot chocolate (don’t forget the marshmallows and whipped cream!), crank the Christmas radio station high, and get lost driving around looking for the best Christmas light display! This quickly became one of our favorite holiday date traditions!

christmas lights on a house

23. Start a Christmas Scavenger Hunt around town

Set a time limit and split up (or compete against a couple on a double date) to see who can take a selfie with the most Christmas items. Come home to a Christmas snack, show each other your creative selfies and see who got the most pictures! Here’s your Christmas list:

  • Grinch
  • Christmas special menu item
  • Candy cane
  • Christmas cookie
  • Snow
  • Christmas book
  • Christmas ornament
  • Car with reindeer antlers
  • Blow-up Christmas decoration
  • Festive furry friend
  • Flyer for a Christmas concert or event
  • Christmas gift on your list this year
  • Angel
  • Reindeer
  • Christmas sweater

24. Attend a Christmas candlelight church service

A quick google search can populate numerous churches offering a candlelight service in your area. These sweet services are my favorite every year for a calm recentering before the crazy traditions begin!

two people lighting candles

25. Make your Date Night Bucket List for the New Year

You know those dates you’ve always wanted to do but you and your spouse never seem to get around to doing? Well, cuddle up by the tree with a notebook and pen, and make a bucket list of all those dates you want to finally have in the new year! Then, make it a priority to visit your bucket list throughout the new year when you aren’t sure what to do for date night.


Lastly, I cannot say this enough, prioritize date night this holiday season! The season is meant to be spent cherishing time with loved ones, and your spouse is the most important person on that list! Don’t let the craziness and busyness of the Christmas season distract from having a romantic Christmas date with your spouse. These are just a few of many Christmas date ideas you can try. Remember to show your spouse you love them this holiday season! What is your favorite holiday date? Let me know in the comments!

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    1. I agree, it’s hard to get them in this time of year when it’s busy, but Christmas dates tend to be my favorite nonetheless! Worth the effort 🙂

  1. What lovely date ideas – I absolutely love getting hot chocolate, and dipping a chocolate donut into it as I walk around with my husband looking at beautiful Christmas lights, one of our favorite Christmas traditions!

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