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12 Favorite Valentine’s Self-Care Ideas

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Love is in the air this February and I’m here for it!! I know Valentine’s Day can be controversial as many believe it’s a “greeting card holiday” but I don’t even care! I enjoy any chance I can to celebrate love – love for my spouse, my family, my friends and myself! You don’t have to go to extravagant lengths to celebrate Valentine’s Day; you don’t even have to spend money if you don’t want to! Today we’re chatting specifically about Valentine’s Self-Care and Self-Love.

No matter what is going on in our lives, it’s so important to take every opportunity to show ourselves love and celebrate the many things we’ve accomplished. I particularly think it’s important to show your body love – even if you have a chronic illness. Your body shows up for you each and every day, and it fights for you! Let’s show appreciation to ourselves this Valentine’s Day with some self-care. Read on for my 12 Favorite Valentine’s Self-Care Ideas.

Host a Galentine’s Day

Get all your favorite ladies together for a nice dinner out or a slumber party in the house. You can watch your favorite Romantic Comedy, drink nice wine, and enjoy each other’s company. I can’t think of a better Valentine’s self-care idea than a themed Valentine’s charcuterie board to share with the ladies! Or, if a night out on the town is more your thing, grab your favorite pink sweater and check out your local happy hour with your girlfriends.

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Take a Break from Social Media for a Day

While we all love seeing the happy moments of our friends and family on social media, it unfortunately can be harming too. The reality is social media isn’t realistic and is more of a highlight reel of the best moments of people’s lives. If you’re single, the best Valentine’s self-love you can practice is taking the day off social media, so you don’t have to see all the sappy spouse-love posts. It can be so refreshing and helpful to take a short break from social media to focus on your own health and wellness, not to mention all the amazing things you can fill the empty time with when you aren’t scrolling on social media!

Bake Your Favorite Valentine’s Dessert

One of my favorite parts of Valentine’s Day is all the amazing, decadent treats you can indulge in. Turn on your favorite playlist and have a dance party as you try your hand at that white chocolate raspberry cheesecake you’ve always been wanting to make.

Put Together Outfits That Make You Feel Confident

Whether you throw together some outfits from your closet, or go shopping for a new outfit, nothing beats the feeling of a fresh outfit that you feel great in! You can wear them to your Valentine’s date nights or save them for days when you need a confidence boost! This is one of my favorite Valentine’s self-love ideas because it brings out my creativity and helps me feel amazing.

Pink and tan outfit laid on the floor

Schedule Your Self-Care for the Rest of the Month

I can’t think of a better Valentine’s self-care idea than ensuring you will have time for it the entire month! Taking even just a few minutes to take care of yourself each week can be so rewarding. Make sure you have time for self-care this month by scheduling it on the calendar, so you won’t forget or over schedule yourself. I like to sit down with my calendar and search for windows of time that are free. I use my red pen and block out the time by literally writing “Val Time” on the schedule. Scheduling self-care helps me have something to look forward to during those particularly stressful seasons! I can’t wait to see how this transforms your schedule too!

Visit the Target Dollar Section for Valentine’s Decorations

The winter months after Christmas can be so sad, as your home looks empty and bland without your Christmas decorations. Fill your home with some fun, flirty seasonal decor by checking out the dollar section at Target or your local dollar store. The decorations are so cute and inexpensive and will make your home feel so much cozier and happier!

home with fireplace decorated with red and pink hearts for Valentine's day

Have an At-Home Spa Day

Nothing beats the relaxing feeling of your favorite facemask, your new Valentine’s themed candle, a fun, Valentine’s bath bomb, and a love playlist! With an at-home spa day, you can really go all out with scrubs, lotions, and your best hair mask!

Grab Your Favorite Love Story and Visit Your Local Coffee Shop for a Valentine’s Latte

This is one of my favorite Valentine’s self-care ideas! I love trying seasonal, festive lattes and finding a cozy corner to read my book for a few hours. I like to shake things up with a new environment while I read, plus it’s so much more relaxing than reading at home when you have all the distractions of chores that might need to be completed.

woman holding latte while reading a book

Watch Your Favorite Romantic Comedy

Put on your favorite pajamas, pop some popcorn, and get cozy on the couch to watch your favorite rom com! You could also FaceTime your friend or loved one if you aren’t able to be together, and watch together from two separate places! As someone who loves to comment and chit-chat during movies (I know, I know, I’m that person, so sorry!), I love having a friend on the phone as I watch, if we can’t get together in person.

Take Your Car for a Wash

We’re all so busy running errands, traveling back and forth to work, and racing to doctors’ appointments. It gives me such a sense of inner peace to open my car door before a trip and know that it’s clean and smells amazing! Pop in your earbuds and treat yourself to a Valentine’s car wash!

Purchase Your Favorite Flowers

Fresh flowers are so fun because they add a pop of color and fresh, floral scent to your home! Instead of silently hoping your spouse will purchase your favorite flowers (which he probably doesn’t even know which are your favorite in the first place), hand-select your favorite bouquet instead for some Valentine’s self-love! If you find fresh-cut flowers to be wasteful as they only last a few days, purchase a new plotted plant that will last all season with a beautiful pop of color!

bouquet of flowers in a white wooden box

Do Something That Makes Your Body Feel Good

Try out the hot yoga class you’ve had your eye on or make time to go to your favorite Pilates class! Take a friend for some quality time together or go by yourself. It makes me feel so good to get my endorphins flowing in an exciting way! On those days where my chronic pain is acting up, it makes my body feel so relaxed to make a visit to the hot tub too; you don’t have to practice intense cardio to help your body feel good!


Happy Valentine’s! No matter how you plan to celebrate, I hope you make time to show yourself some Valentine’s self-love. I hope my Favorite Valentine’s Self-Care Ideas help you practice self-care this season. What’s your favorite way to show self-care? Let me know in the comments below!

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38 thoughts on “12 Favorite Valentine’s Self-Care Ideas”

  1. Whitney Stewart

    I freaking LOVE this! I’m very much a self care advocate and the fact that you brought some valentines influences into it because it’s the month of February makes this all more sweeter! Thank you so much for sharing! I’m totally going to do these throughout the month!

    1. Hi Whitney! So glad you love the post! I agree that self-care is so important, and I love the idea of shaking it up seasonally to go with the mood! I hope you enjoy trying out these ideas.

    2. These are awesome ideas! I feel like I’m always remembering gift ideas for other people and forget about myself. Thanks for giving me some great ideas! Maybe I’ll buy myself flowers today.

    1. Thanks for your feedback! I’m a big believer that just because you’re single doesn’t mean you don’t deserve some love in honor of the holiday!

  2. I love this! Every chance we get we should show love and Valentine’s Day is a special day to do it. I really loved the idea of buying myself flowers. Honestly, I have never thought of it but it is a wonderful idea. Thank you so much!

    1. Right?! Something about treating myself to a nice latte, and then savoring every sip always helps me slow down and enjoy the little moments!

  3. Great ideas; we all need to do something indulgent for ourselves. I’m going to plan taking a long hot soak with a home spa bath this month; something I never do and should! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I love all these ideas! I’m going on a business trip this year and getting home late, so I’ll probably unwind with a rom-com!

  5. What a wonderful and thoughtful list of self-care ideas! It’s so important to prioritize our own well-being, especially on special occasions like Valentine’s Day. Your suggestions are not only creative, but also very personal and reflective of what truly brings joy and happiness. Thank you for sharing these with us and encouraging us to make self-care a priority in our lives.

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